Academic Technologies

Technology Assistance and Consultation

Technology Assistance & Consultation

Technology Assistance

In addition to our core systems, we provide a flexible range of technology and design assistance. In 2015/16 we responded to a
range of requests for the following:

  • Assistance with Google Apps
  • Website creation with Google Sites
  • Creation of online forms and surveys
  • Video recording and editing
  • File conversion
  • Graphic design


Our consultation services provide clients with a way of generating ideas, assessing needs, and exploring options before
the decision is made to commit to a project. 

In project consultations we aim to provide value before theproject begins by sharing knowledge with clients about other
projects underway in the faculty, effective strategies in use by colleagues, available resources, and best practices in
technology and learning design.

Consultation may begin with an existing project, or an idea for something new. It may involve coming up with ideas to respond
to teaching challenges, exploring possible uses of a new technology in the classroom, or developing an educational research question.