Arts & Humanities in Health & Medicine

Graduate & Postgraduate Studies

Graduate Studies

Dr. Pamela Brett-MacLean, and others associated with the AHHM Program, have supervised graduate students, acted as members of their supervisory committees and also served as internal and external examiners. Doctoral and master's students have included students enrolled in the Medical Sciences Graduate Program, and those completing graduate studies in other faculties and colleges associated with the University of Alberta.

Prospective graduate students who are interested in completing a medical/ health humanities -focused dissertations at the University of Alberta can do so by applying to the department that is most relevant to their research area and developing a dissertation research topic that critically considers various connections between the arts, humanities, social sciences and medicine and health. To learn about graduate programs offered across different faculties at the University of Alberta, visit UAlberta graduate studies programs.

An Individual Interdisciplinary Program can also be proposed through the Faculty of Graduate Studies, when a student's proposed medical/ health humanities research question “crosses over two or more disciplines and cannot be accommodated by an existing U of A graduate program.” To learn more, visit UAlberta interdisciplinary graduate studies.

To learn about faculty members you may want to approach as potential advisors and supervisory committee members, you can review departmental websites and the UAlberta “Guide to Experts." The AHHM directory also lists faculty members who are active in exploring the arts and humanities, and social sciences perspectives in relation to health and medicine.

As part of a Summer Studentship with the AHHM Program, Christine Pask (Med 2012) completed a review of graduate programs related to the medical humanities.

Post-Doctoral Studies

Post-doctoral fellows with external funding, or who are self-funded, are invited to consider undertaking their research within the AHHM Program.

Dr. Kaisu Koski, an artist-researcher and post-doctoral fellow at Leiden University, was the AHHM Program’s first visiting post--doctoral fellow (Fall, 2011). Sponsoring Dr. Koski’s post-doctoral research significantly helped to advance the scholarly mission of the AHHM Program. Some of the work she created based on her research was included as part of the 2012 “InSight: Visualizing Health Humanities” exhibit at the FAB Gallery, and has resulted in other created artworks and publications. She is currently continuing her research as a visiting post--doctoral fellow at Peninsula University, UK (Fall, 2012). Given the success of her visit, we have been encouraged to extend our support of post-doctoral researchers

Post-doctoral fellows are expected to: 1) reside in Edmonton for the term of their appointment, and 2) participate in the activities of AHHM Program, including presenting their work as part of the AHHM Speaker Series. The AHHM program will provide office space, use of a computer and formal University of Alberta affiliation (including a campus computing ID and library access).

Applications are accepted throughout the year, and are assessed on the basis of:,/p>

  • the applicant’s academic achievements,
  • the fit of their research proposal (two pages maximum) with the AHHM Pprogram mandate,
  • two confidential letters of recommendation, and
  • evidence of secured funding.

Potential applicants not already in receipt of post-doctoral funding can apply for funding from different sources (e.g., postgraduate fellowships available from the University of Alberta, Alberta Innovates Health Solutions, or Canadian Institutes for Health Research). NB: travel costs (including passport and visa fees), housing, and medical insurance are the responsibility of the post-doctoral fellow. Additional information regarding post-doctoral fellowships at the University of Alberta is available at the Post-doctoral Fellows Office.

NB: At this time, a maximum of one post-doctoral fellow can be accepted in a given year. Applications are assessed by a committee of AHHM Program advisors. Potential applicants should first contact Dr. Pamela Brett-MacLean about their interest at