Arts & Humanities in Health & Medicine

Health Humanities at UAlberta

In addition to curricular and co-curricular offerings that have been developed within the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, the AHHM Program promotes awareness of, and contributes to, educational opportunities in the area of the health humanities generally. We are participating with colleagues in the Faculty of Arts in establishing a certificate, and also minor and major interdisciplinary specializations in health humanities at the University of Alberta. We have undertaken a number of progressive measures in achieving this long-term goal. These include development of a University of Alberta-wide course listing, an ongoing initiative aimed at mapping the emerging field of health humanities, and mapping possibilities for introducing this interdisciplinary area of study at the University of Alberta.

Course Listing

On an annual basis, a listing of University of Alberta Health Humanities-related courses across faculties is updated by the AHHM Program to assist individuals in the identification of health humanities-related courses at the University of Alberta, and associated post-secondary institutions. Selected courses include those that explore medical or health-related experience or health research from the perspective of the arts, humanities, or social sciences that explicitly consider intersections between arts, humanities, social sciences and health and medicine.

Health Humanities Initiative

2013 InSight: Designing Health Humanities exhibit and symposium

To understand how medical/health humanities programs have been or could be designed to best reflect and further arts and humanities inquiries into health and medicine, and also further the beneficial influence the arts and humanities can have on medical practise.

2012 InSight: Visualising Health Humanities exhibit