Arts & Humanities in Health & Medicine

Affiliated Faculty & Health Coordinators

Humanities Coordinators (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, UAlberta)

Inspired by an initiative at Dalhousie University, we are inviting faculty members in clinical academic departments across the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry to consider becoming a humanities coordinator for their department. This initiative is being introduced to strengthen the medical/health humanities presence at both undergraduate (clinical), and postgraduate levels in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.

Humanities coordinators will help to disseminate AHHM Program news and events, develop departmental-specific arts and humanities educational offerings, and also provide advice and feedback to the AHHM Program. Candidates should have an interest in the insights of arts and humanities perspectives in relation to medicine, and how these perspectives can beneficially influence medical practice. Only a modest time commitment would be required. The role of co-coordinator is a volunteer position.

It is anticipated that this initiative will help to extend the reach of the arts and humanities, benefitting faculty, staff, residents and students, and enhancing patient care. As a result of this initiative, it is possible that humanities curricula relevant to clinical clerkships will be enhanced, and postgraduate curricula corresponding to ACGME (Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education) requirements for professionalism and personal responsibility may also develop over time.

This is a new initiative, and the terms and scope of the appointment will be developed in collaboration with our initial cohort of humanities coordinators. To self-nominate, or nominate a colleague as a potential departmental humanities coordinator, please contact Please note: candidates should approach their department chair for their support.

Dawn Davies, MD—Pediatrics
Doreen Oneschuk, MD—Oncology
Sue Chandra, MD—OB/GYN

Affiliated Faculty (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, UAlberta)

Steven Aung, MD
Tracey Hillier, MD
Carol Hodgson, PhD
Louanne Keenan, PhD
David Kelner, DDS
Cheryl Mack, MD, PhD (C)
Doreen Oneschuk, MD
Anna Oswald, MD, MSc
Minn N. Yoon, PhD
Michael Van Manen, MD, PhD

Affiliated Faculty (cross-Faculty, UAlberta)

Trish Chatterley, MLIS (Librarian associate)—UAlberta Libraries
Margaret Clark, PhD—St. Stephen’s College
Joanne Olson, RN, PhD—Nursing
Bonnie Sadler Takach, MVA—Art & Design
Dorothy Woodman, PhD—English