Arts & Humanities in Health & Medicine

AHHM Student & Resident Community

Resident Leads

Alim Nagji, MD—Family Medicine
Tamar Rubin, MD—Pediatrics

MSA—AHHM Medical Student Representatives

Samantha Mallett, Med 2017
Kathryn Wood, Med 2016
Lauren Robinson, Med 2015
Sarah Stonehocker, Med 2014

Past MSA Student Representatives: Jonathan Hammill, Med 2013, Abbeir Hussein, Med 2012; Christine Botros, Med 2011. We wish them well in all their future endeavours!

Medical Laboratory Sciences Student Representative 

Sarah Aziz

Student Assistants

We have part-time studentships available to undergraduate students in the fall and winter terms, and also a full-time, eight-week studentship available to medical students interested in contributing to medical/health humanities research and various initiatives during the summer.

We acknowledge and thank the students who have helped us with various AHHM projects over the years, including: Erin Nachtigal (Med 2015) (Summer, 2012); Sarah Fisher and Alyssa Lau (Summer, 2011); Cindy Liu and Christine Pask (Med 2013) (Summer, 2010); Sarah Fung (Med 2011) (Summer, 2009); and Vicki Xu and Mary Pat Schlosser (Med 2011) (Summer, 2008) … their contributions have been invaluable!