Arts & Humanities in Health & Medicine

Postgraduate Education (Medicine)

In different postgraduate medical programs, residents may experience opportunities to explore arts, humanities and social sciences perspectives into the human condition, illness and suffering, caring and compassion, and the responsiveness of health-care systems. Although these opportunities will vary in number and range, academic half-days, rounds, and journal clubs, will, at times, focus on topics related to ethics, professionalism, and humanism. In some residency programs, residents are invited to suggest topics for these educational sessions.

Residents can also complete a research elective that considers the intersections that exist between the arts and humanities in relation to medicine, with a view to broadening their intellectual and clinical/ practice-based horizons. Residents who are interested in doing so can contact their program directors or Dr. Pamela Brett-MacLean—

Residents are encouraged to approach the resident leads for the AHHM Program (see Faculty) to learn more about opportunities for exploring their interest in the medical/health humanities.

A session is organized in the fall to bring residents interested in medical/ health humanities together, to discuss common opportunities that exist to support their learning and development as patient-centred, humanistic and professional health-care practitioners.