Arts & Humanities in Health & Medicine


AHHM-Ed Database

The AHHM-ED database (University of Alberta) features articles that describe courses and other educational innovations that have used arts and humanities perspectives in medical education. This database can be viewed as a supplement to the NYU Literature, Arts, & Medicine Database resource, which offers annotated listings of art, video, prose, poetry, and film that address health-related topics. The AHHM-ED database includes a listing of articles that describe use of arts, social sciences and humanities perspectives that have been implemented in health professional and medical education. This database was initiated by Drs. Pamela Brett-MacLean, Maleka Ramji and Cynthia Lewis. It has been compiled as a resource for those who are using, or are interested in using, arts and humanities perspectives in their teaching. The database currently consists of more than 170 published articles. It will be updated on a regular basis. If you have suggestions for articles to include in this database, please email

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UofA Libraries—Medical Humanities On-line Resource

This guide provides selective resources available through the Internet or at the University of Alberta for Medical Humanities.

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