Arts & Humanities in Health & Medicine

Undergraduate Education (Medicine)

Our educational efforts are primarily directed to introducing narrative reflective practice in the pre-clinical years, as well as providing focused, large and small group sessions on professionalism and well-being, spirituality and health, and interprofessional team communications, in our first- and second-year patient-centred care courses (a total of 11 sessions in 2011–12).

We have also developed an on-line repository of medical humanities resources that includes material relevant to a variety of pre-clinical topics associated with our different systems-based courses (e.g. endocrinology, neurosciences, etc.). These are posted on the online learning platform used by our medical students. Over time, we look forward to creating an online learning environment that supports structured interaction between a community of learners interested in the medical/ health humanities.

In addition, we offer a number of elective courses that offer students an opportunity for in-depth exploration of human illness experiences and health care with respect to arts- and humanities-informed perspectives.

An orientation session is organized at the beginning of the academic year to introduce medical students to the AHHM Program, with a focus on the many educational opportunities that exist to support their learning and development as patient-centred, humanistic and professional health- care practitioners.