Message from the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) at the University of Alberta has 12 independent graduate programs (at MSc and PhD levels) designed to meet the needs of aspiring basic and clinician scientists. Ten of these graduate programs are associated with specific departments within the Faculty (Biochemistry; Cell Biology; Lab Medicine and Pathology; Medical Microbiology and Immunology; Medicine, Oncology; Pharmacology; Physiology; Psychiatry; Surgery). We also have a Medical Sciences Graduate Program that serves as an umbrella program for seven different departments (Anesthesia & Pain Medicine; Dentistry; Medical Genetics; Obstetrics & Gynecology; Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences; Pediatrics; Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging). Finally, the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute (NMHI), whose home faculty is FoMD, has its own MSc and PhD programs that span multiple faculties. Our MSc and PhD programs involve almost 600 graduate students and span all areas of research conducted within the faculty that range from basic mechanistic research programs to clinical outcomes research.

We also have a variety of programs to increase opportunities for those interested in pursuing careers as clinician scientists. First, there is the MD-STIR (Special Training in Research) program that provides first and second year medical students with an intense 6 month research experience. We also have a combined MD/PhD program that allows students in the MD program to carry our research and complete a PhD during the course of their medical training. The MD/PhD program is also available to those in the PhD program that later decide that they also want to pursue a degree in medicine. Trainees in our MD/PhD program are outstanding students and will be the clinician scientist leaders of tomorrow. Finally, we have a Clinician Investigator Program that allows residents receive an MSc degree while further developing their research skills as part of their residency training.

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry has superb research infrastructure spread through several contiguous buildings that includes, world-class laboratories and CORE Research Facilities with PhD-level directors to facilitate diverse, cutting-edge research. In close collaboration with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, the Centre for Teaching and Learning and a host of other groups, we also provide a diverse array of professional development resources to help you navigate today’s increasingly complex research landscape toward your career of choice.

In summary, the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta offers a broad range of exciting graduate research programs and is an excellent place to pursue an advanced degree. I invite you to explore our programs and thank you for your interest!

Dr. Greg Funk
Associate Dean of Research (Graduate Programs)