Li Ka Shing Sino-Canadian Exchange Program

The Li Ka Shing Sino-Canadian Exchange Program offers financial support for graduate students from Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) to complete PhD programs at the University of Alberta. It is administered by the UA-Shantou Steering Committee and supports two separate graduate programs.

SUMC students who have completed a Master's of Medicine

The exchange program will fund the stipend and tuition of selected SUMC Master's of Medicine graduates that have successfully applied to one of the PhD programs offered by the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. The first four years of the PhD will be funded under the Sino-Canadian Exchange Program. Any additional year(s) will be funded by the U of A supervisor.

SUMC students must apply to a U of A graduate program to work with a U of A supervisor through the regular process. The length of the PhD program will depend on the research experience and exposure of the student. More information on graduate programs offered by our faculty can be obtained by following the links found here.


U of A investigators that would like to list potential projects should send inquiries to the UA-Shantou Steering Committee, care of


Medical Sciences Graduate Program (MSGP) - Shantou

The MSGP-Shantou is nominally a three-year doctoral program that involves co-supervision by faculty members from SUMC and from the University of Alberta. Students work on a collaborative project developed jointly by researchers at the University of Alberta and SUMC. Most students initiate research at SUMC (two years), and complete their doctoral research at the U of A (one or two years).

The first three years of doctoral studies will be funded under the Sino-Canadian Exchange Program. Extension to a fourth and fifth year of funding is possible but requires formal application. Upon requirement completion, students will receive a PhD from the University of Alberta in Medical Sciences-Shantou - home department to be listed.

Further information on the MSGP-Shantou Program for students and potential supervisors can be obtained from the following files.

Please contact Dr. Greg Tyrrell or the Office of Research for more information on the program.

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Office of Research
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Tel: 780-492-9721