IDEAS Office - Innovation Discovery Education And Scholarship

Vision and mission


The IDEAS Office mission is to:

  • engage faculty members and trainees to build a community of health professions educational (HPE) collaborators and scholars;
  • create an environment for members to meaningfully contribute to the IDEAS Office, to the FoMD, to the University of Alberta and to the greater HPE community;
  • facilitate HPE research activities through a core set of resources and technical expertise either through collaboration or at a reasonable cost recovery rate;
  • build HPE research capacity–especially for faculty members with less than 40 per cent research designated in their job descriptions–through faculty development, mentorship and collaboration;
  • increase the quantity and quality of HPE research studies conducted and disseminated by IDEAS Office members; and
  • contribute to the development and transfer of new HPE knowledge to practice.


The vision for the IDEAS Office is to provide a centralized home for health professions educational (HPE) scholarship within the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) and its health professions—dentistry, dental hygiene, graduate studies, medicine, med lab science and radiation therapy—where all faculty members (that is, full-time, special continuing, faculty service officers and clinical faculty) and trainees at all levels can come together for learning, mentorship and collaboration to further the field of health professions educational scholarship.


Core areas of activity

  • Develop collaborative faculty learning communities in HPE scholarship.
  • Conduct longitudinal faculty development programs for improvement of teaching and scholarship.
  • Conduct faculty development courses in HPE grant writing with collaborative development and writing of grant proposals.
  • Provide HPE research mentoring, collaboration and consultation through longitudinal support of curriculum evaluation projects and research studies, from design to dissemination.
  • Develop office membership levels to reflect HPE scholarship achievement and continuing HPE professional development.
  • Provide leadership and oversight of the FoMD Summer Studentships in HPE Research program.
  • Organize and collaborate on FoMD HPE Grand Rounds.
  • Organize and provide support for an HPE Journal Club.
  • Develop and maintain a database of HPE presentations, MedEdPORTAL publications and journal publications of IDEAS Office members.
  • Conduct Works in Progress small-group sessions to brainstorm research study ideas and stimulate further collaboration.
  • Organize peer-review committees for grant proposals.
  • Organize an HPE Scholarship Day for FoMD faculty members to celebrate and share HPE scholarship and innovation.
  • Work on joint initiatives with FoMD educational programs, the offices of Faculty Development, Professionalism and Diversity, as well as the School of Dentistry’s Educational Research & Scholarship Centre, and with other departments to promote and support HPE research and scholarship.

How will faculty members benefit from the IDEAS Office?


The majority (64 per cent) of faculty members in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) are designated at less than 40 per cent research. Most of them do not have formal training in conducting research, yet they are required to be scholarly for merit increases and promotion and tenure decisions. For example, while assistant professors at 10 per cent research spend the vast majority of their time (74 per cent of their time, on average) doing clinical work and teaching (classroom and non-classroom), assistant professors at greater than 40 per cent research spend only 32 per cent of their time, on average, on clinical work and teaching (classroom and non-classroom).

Percentage of faculty by level of research responsibility in their job description

(Total N=743;  <10% n=173; 11-29% n=219; 30-39% n=82; >40% n=269)

*Data from FoMD FARM database. Data does NOT include FSOs.