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IDEAS Office Health Professions Education Scholarship Day

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The IDEAS Office at the University of Alberta invites you to participate in our first IDEAS Office Health Professions Education (HPE) Scholarship Day.

We hope that you will find the conference a great way to share your HPE research, scholarly pursuits, and stories about your innovative and/or challenging teaching endeavors and to learn from others.

There are multiple ways that you can share your HPE scholarship; for example, with more traditional oral presentations or posters on research studies, sharing innovative curricular projects where you don't have data yet, or through the sharing of stories about teaching.

All abstracts will go through a peer review process; although, it is our goal to allow as many FoMD scholars and scholarly teachers to share their work as possible.

The conference goals are to:

Develop a collaborative network of health professions educators within the FoMD
Create a venue for sharing our HPE scholarship and scholarly teaching locally
Increase and improve participants' HPE scholarship

Please click here for a preliminary Conference Program:

Call for Abstract Submissions: Deadline September 23, 2019.

You can Submit an abstract for:

Oral Presentations (HPE Research Podium Presentations)
Facilitated Poster Presentations (Short presentations at your poster on HPE scholarly projects followed by limited discussion)
Great IDEAS* (HPE Innovations where you do not yet have evaluation data, for example, an innovative curriculum project you've piloted, but not yet implemented fully)
Educators' Lounge (a place to share your personal stories about your innovative clinical teaching "pearls" or your teaching challenges)

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Conference Fees:

FoMD Trainees: $ 10 + GST (Educational Program pays an additional $ 10, IDEAS Office pays $105)
Graduate Student/Post doc Fellow: $ 20 + GST (IDEAS Office pays $105)
IDEAS Office Members (Non-trainees): $ 100 + GST (IDEAS Office pays $25)
NON-IDEAS Office Members (Non-trainees): $ 125 + GST 

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