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Summer Studentships in Health Professions Education Scholarship


The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) has supported students participating in health professions education (HPE) scholarship through the Summer Student Research Program for a number of years. A new program has been approved for 2018.

This innovative program is aimed at increasing capacity in health professions educational research by training junior faculty members (like an instructor or assistant professor) in all FoMD programs, as well as FoMD trainees. It will develop virtual health professions educational research labs where a junior faculty member (in some cases this could be a resident) and an FoMD student would work together with a more experienced health professions educator through the IDEAS Office. 

Projects will no longer be submitted by individual faculty members seeking a summer student. Instead, they will be generated by the various FoMD educational programs (undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, medical laboratory science, dentistry, dental hygiene, graduate studies and radiation therapy) to help answer important educational questions for the programs using existing data (e.g., MedSIS). 

The expectation on these projects is that they could be completed within a three-month period, given that the projects will use existing data.