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Summer studentship in health professions education program goals

  • Create a community of health professions educational scholars of Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) faculty members and trainees.
  • Increase the health professions educational research capacity of the FoMD faculty members.
  • Study important educational questions that are relevant to the FoMD educational programs: undergraduate medical education (UME), postgraduate medical education (PGME), medical laboratory science, dentistry, dental hygiene, radiation therapy and graduate studies.
  • Provide training for FoMD junior faculty members and trainees in the responsible conduct of research and educational research methods.
  • Conduct and complete health professions educational research projects within a three-month summer period, using existing data sources.

Each FoMD educational program (i.e., UME, PGME, med lab science, dentistry, dental hygiene, graduate studies and radiation therapy) will be asked:

  1. if they have an educational question/concept for which they have existing data (e.g., in MedSIS or other data source) that could be used for a study where the results could be translated / applied to benefit their program;
  2. for junior or new faculty members that have an interest in health professions educational scholarship who are at less than 40 per cent research; and
  3. for a student in their program who would be interested in a summer studentship to work on their project.

For example, one of the educational programs may want to evaluate their professionalism curriculum—how much content on professionalism is taught, what teaching formats are used, how it is assessed, and how students / trainees evaluate their professionalism curricula.

The projects should be useful to the program and of interest to faculty members and students with a focus in the area of health professions education.

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