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Summer studentship in health professions education program goals

The Summer Studentship in Health Professions Education Grant Program (i.e., HPE Summer Studentship grant) is a competitive program sponsored by the FoMD IDEAS Office that supports annual studentships for either: (1) an educational research study in the health professions or (2) a curriculum development and evaluation project in the health professions. The focus of the project must be education, but can be at any level (e.g., students, residents, etc.); it can also be a patient education project.
Additional goals of the HPE Summer Studentship grant program
• Create a community of health professions educational scholars of Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) faculty members and trainees.
• Increase the health professions educational research capacity of the FoMD faculty members and students.
• Provide training for FoMD faculty members and trainees in the responsible conduct of research and educational research methods.