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Projects - Summer studentships in health professions

Each program can submit up to three project ideas. The project proposals would be evaluated by the Summer Studentship in Health Professions Education Grant Review Committee.

Project criteria

  • It must be a health professions educational project that can be completed in three months using existing data (e.g., pre-existing MedSIS data).
  • The purpose of the project must be clear and must be relevant to the submitting Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD) program.
  • The project must be consistent with FoMD program priority areas or their strategic plan.
  • The project must have clear project goals that can be achieved using existing data.

Department chairs will be contacted for recommendations for junior faculty members at the rank of assistant professor or instructor who have expressed an interest in health professions education, and need to develop a scholarly area for promotion. Residents could be considered if they are planning to pursue an academic career.

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