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Comments from Past TSP Participants

In 2011, I benefited from the first TSP course offered in the FoMD by Dr. Carol Hodgson. This experience not only extended my knowledge of medical education, but it also provided me with new opportunities for collaborations outside my department.
The IDEAS Office has been integral to the work we do in the MD Program in terms of creating an environment that supports medical education research and the ability to have our students and faculty learn about best practices for conducting research that influences our curriculum development process. I have appreciated that staff and faculty have an opportunity to work with a team of researchers who understand research methodology and techniques and can mentor our researchers in developing and implementing their own studies. Personally, my experience with the Teaching Scholars Program (TSP) prepared me to do my own work in Medical Education, from research to curriculum development. We are lucky to have the IDEAS Office and the Teaching Scholars Program in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, supporting collaboration and research in Medical Education.
Dr. Tracey Hillier, Associate Dean MD Program

The TSP 01 course inspired me to think outside the box and consider non-traditional strategies for teaching that make the transfer of knowledge and ideas from the instructor to the students much more robust. Thanks to my work in this course and the support I received from its instructors, I have been able to create a curriculum that has already launched – a mere five months after completing the course!
Isabelle Gray, M.D. 
PGY3 Emergency Medicine

TSP 001 (2018)

My experience with the IDEAS office has been in the capacity as a resident in the Teaching Scholars Program (TSP). I am currently in my second TSP course and have had a very positive experience! It has been wonderful collaborating with the staff within the IDEAS office. Their role is very appreciated as they facilitate a community of residents who are committed to developing ourselves professionally, as both learners and teachers.
Rebecca Schonnop, B.Sc., M.D.
PGY-3 Emergency Medicine
TSP 01 (2018), TSP 04R (2018)