Indigenous Strategic Plan




The The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry’s Indigenous Health Program (IHP) is committed to creating a learning environment that fosters new discoveries and learning with compassion and care. We are dedicated to advancing Indigenous health through our researchers, students and communities by creating supportive opportunities. 

FoMD Indigenous Health Program Strategic Plan

Our faculty's committment to truth and reconcilliation.

Braiding Past, Present and Future: University of Alberta Indigenous Strategic Plan is the University of Alberta's commitment to advancing truth and reconciliation. This plan provides an institution-wide foundation for the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry’s mission — to serve the public with social accountability — and underpins the important work of the Indigenous Health Program. At the core of IHIP is our mandate to provide support to qualified Indigenous applicants as they enter our faculty, and maintain strong relationships with Indigenous graduates as they move into the community as health professionals.

We invite you to view the plan and see how together we are building a path to health equity.


University of Alberta Strategic Plan

This plan reflects an important step in our institution’s commitment to reconciliation. Read the full plan here.


Messages from the Indiginous Strategic Plan

We invite you to learn more and join us in advancing an exciting plan for the near future.

Joint Commitment to Action on Indigenous Health

Affirmations for Action by the University Community

We invite you to learn more and join us in advancing an exciting plan for the near future.