Integrating EBM and patient-centred care

World Health Organization (WHO) has recently issued a call to implement people-centred strategies in provision of health services (WHO, 2015). This makes personalised care a priority. In addition, health professionals need to apply Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) to achieve safer, more equitable and cost effective care. However, “the number of clinical guidelines is now both unmanageable and unfathomable. One 2005 audit of a 24 hour medical take in an acute hospital, for example, included 18 patients with 44 diagnoses and identified 3679 pages of national guidelines (an estimated 122 hours of reading) relevant to their immediate care” (Greenhalgh, Howick, & Maskrey, 2014). How can we help health professionals move toward optimal care integrating patients’ needs and views with EBM?

In this one-day workshop we will be inviting leading experts to address the following three objectives: