Lifelong Learning

Digital Health Citizenship

It’s time of discovery. To realize the true potential of Precision Medicine - predictive modeling and genomic sequencing - as well as that of Precision Assessment & Learning, would require fully digitized health organizations.

Information Technology (IT) and its use in healthcare is shifting before our eyes. Effective digitization and use of healthcare records is vital if we are to fully realize the dream of an informed, innovative, and personalized care paradigm, as envisaged by Precision Medicine as well as Precision Assessment & Learning.

Healthcare organizations have long struggled with non-interoperable systems and inaccessible data. Several options in health IT are now available, allowing innovation in data usage and analytics that could revolutionize the concept of Quality Improvement in health and in Aligning Quality for Learning.

Analyzing data using predictive modeling techniques and digitizing health information will change the game in innovating towards a model of personalized medicine, personalized assessment & learning, understanding of complication rates, discovering and instituting best practices, genomic modeling, etc.

L3 intends to lead the push for innovation in digital citizenship. We are working on several projects that will transform the meaning and perception of data: analyzing, comparing, contrasting, and combining data to deduce best practices and population health trends and to provide real-time support tools for clinicians.

Watch out for more details soon!