Project Close - PLP and Seniors Health SCN Collaboration

    Seniors Health SCN – PLP Collaboration to support the Appropriate Use of Antipsychotic (AUA) Medications Initiative

    December 19, 2017

    The Seniors Health Strategic Clinical Network (SCN) and other key stakeholders—such as Choosing Wisely Canada—had identified that the Appropriate Use of Antipsychotics (AUA) in dementia as a priority area that must be addressed. The SCN had implemented the AUA project in Long Term Care facilities and looked to expand the scope of the project to include Supportive Living sites. This presented an opportunity for collaboration between multiple offices: a joint project between the University of Alberta and University of Calgary Physician Learning Program (PLP) offices, as well as the SCN.

    Together, the PLP and the SCN created and delivered a prototype of interdisciplinary workshops to teams from six Supportive Living sites in the Calgary Zone. Skilled facilitators from both the PLP and the SCN guided the interdisciplinary care teams, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, site managers, and others, through the workshops. The participants developed vision statements; generated improvement ideas on deprescribing and other areas of resident care; and designed an action plan to move one high priority idea to immediate implementation at their site. A later debrief with the SCN stakeholders confirmed the mutual benefit of building a partnership with the PLP to support the SCN’s goals for physician engagement with AUA.

    The PLP’s work on this project did not end with our contributions to the workshop. Instead, our team helped to translate the AUA project in to Tools for Practice which will be released in the New Year, and Dr. Mike Allan hosted it as the topic in a series of three Best Sciences Medicine Podcasts. The podcasts are Episodes 358-360, titled Agitation and Aggression in the Elderly.

    Since this project has created a positive, collaborative relationship between the PLP and the Seniors Health SCN, we look forward to more opportunities where we can support their work.