Lifelong Learning

Integrated Collaboration and Communication Unit (ICCU)

The Information and Communications Team will be responsible for the creation and execution of an innovative new highly digitalized format of communication and marketing strategy and outreach work for the Physician Learning Program (PLP).

The Integrated Collaboration & Communication Advisor (ICCA), reporting directly to the Associate Dean Lifelong Learning, will work closely with the PLP’s RSI Team Lead, ensuring that the marketing and communication strategy aligns with the Program’s Business Plan, strategic priorities and deliverables, mission, vision, and goals. 

The Information & Communications Team will assist in the development of both long and short-term strategies to raise the profile and footprint of the Physician Learning Program. The primary responsibility would be to implement information & communication strategies to support PLP projects, events, publications and media relations. The Team would also be responsible for executing tactics for the promotion of PLP through a variety of communication channels including print, digital, media relations and social networks.