Why Choose the MatCH Program?

MatCH Student at microscope

Supervisor Selection

The majority of departments require students to secure a supervisor prior to application, which does not allow the student to experience the lab environment before they start their graduate studies. The MatCH Program enables students to have an active role in their academic path by working with three potential supervisors and labs before selecting the supervisor for the duration of their degree, in order to ensure they choose the environment best suited to their interests and goals. With one application, they are also able to select supervisors across all three participating departments depending on their research interests. Choices of disciplines include basic science, clinical, epidemiology and health services studies.

Interdisciplinary Connections

The MatCH Program facilitates interdisciplinary interactions between students and faculty from different departments to foster communication and provide increased opportunities for collaborations or joint supervision by multi-disciplinary researchers.


Students participate in common coursework to provide instruction in the many research areas encompassed by the participating departments. MatCH cohorts also take PAED 600 in their first semester, which facilitates connection and peer support within the cohort.


The MatCH Program provides an above-average stipend to students for the two year duration of the program. The first semester stipend is provided purely by the MatCH Program, with the remaining semesters split 50-50 between the program and the student's chosen supervisor.