The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta offers the MD/PhD program as part of its medical research education portfolio. This program allows students to obtain the MD degree and a PhD degree with the goal of preparing them for a career as a clinician-scientist. Please note that the MD/PhD program only considers students that have been admitted to the MD Program at the University of Alberta.

Acceptance into the MD/PhD program is contingent upon the approval of the MD/PhD Committee and on ensuring stipend support is in place (please contact program administration for funding opportunities). The MD/PhD Committee evaluates all applications with a focus on the students’ academic record, prior research experience, and details of the proposed program, including the proposed supervisor and project description.

The MD/PhD program is intended for exceptional students who are seriously committed to a career in medical research. In addition to the four years required to complete the MD degree, the PhD typically takes four to six years to complete. The PhD is administered by a recognized graduate program and the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Alberta.
There are two general structures for completing the MD/PhD:

  1. If entering from the MD program, students should advise the MD/PhD program administration by October 15 in the second year of the medical program. The complete application package should be submitted the following month by November 15. For these students, acceptance into the program officially occurs after completion of the second year of medicine, at which time they undertake the PhD degree. When the PhD is completed, the students return to the final clerkship years of the MD program.

  2. If entering from an existing graduate program, students should advise the MD/PhD program administration immediately upon acceptance to the MD program of their intent to complete both degrees. In this case, students may have the option of completing their graduate degree prior to commencing the MD program or after the second year of medicine by the structure noted above. 

For further information on the MD/PhD program, please contact the Grad Program Advisor at or 780-492-9721.