Mission, Goals, & Objectives


The MD program is dedicated to the improvement of health through excellence and leadership in our educational programs, in fundamental and applied research, and in the prevention and treatment of illness.

Our mission is to prepare physicians to provide the highest quality of health care to the people of Alberta and beyond, and to advance knowledge and its application through research. We are committed to a tradition of excellence in our programs according to national and international standards.


The primary goals of the MD Program in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, are:

  1. To develop and deliver the highest quality of educational programs in medicine and related health sciences, functioning effectively as an integral part of the University of Alberta.
  2. To be a centre of excellence in fundamental and applied medical research, and in graduate training.
  3. To provide outstanding clinical leadership and professional consultation in the provision of medical services and the development of health-care programs.
  4. To serve as a resource in all of the above areas at the provincial, national, and, where appropriate, international levels.


The MD program's objectives are to develop knowledgeable, compassionate, collaborative, reflective, and professional physicians committed to quality health care and life-long learning.