The Office of Professionalism for the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry is a resource for students, faculty, & staff.

The Office of Professionalism is here to promote professionalism, help identify educational resources, provide advice when having difficult conversations, and aid students, faculty, and staff in navigating 'the system' when trying to address professionalism lapses. It is expected that we will all experience lapses in professionalism; the true measure of our professionalism is not in absolute avoidance of such situations, but in how we handle them, when they do arise. It is not always easy to mitigate these lapses, and that is where the Office of Professionalism can serve you.

The Professionalism Button was created in October 2013, to help learners (and faculty) in the FoMD deal with any lapses or mistreatment that they might encounter (Incidents). Equally importantly, it is a way to celebrate the excellent examples of professionalism that we might encounter in our day-to-day healthcare work and training (Accolades).

If you have witnessed or experienced an incident of student mistreatment or any other lapse in professionalism, we hope that you look within your program for support and help. But sometimes, you just aren't sure what to do, or for some reason, do not feel comfortable taking this on, by yourself. The Professionalism Button is your 'electronic safety net'. When you push 'The Button', a Professionalism Triage Officer will contact you within 72 hours, and begin the process of helping you deal with the issue. YOU lead the process, and nothing happens without your consent. We will also let you know of the final outcome.

If you see something happen that is worthy of an Accolade, you can report that, too. As a faculty, we can then celebrate this, and use it as an exemplar of the standards that we aspire to.

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