Accreditation Committees

Accreditation Committees Faculty, staff, and students will all be involved in the MD program accreditation process. Six sub-committees and a steering committee, including almost 80 people, are involved in the Medical School Self-Study (MSS) part of the process. These committees will be responsible for evaluating the evidence and providing continuous quality improvement recommendations to ensure we are in compliance with the accreditation standards.

Steering Committee Members

Dr. Ramona Kearney, Chair

Susan Tomsics, Admin Assistant

Dr. Shirley Schipper

Dr. Lyn Sonnenberg

Dr. Vijay Daniels

Dr. Lana Bistritz

Dr. Ron Damant

Dr. Mel Lewis

Dr. Joanne Rodger

Dr. Liz Rosolowsky

Dr. Alberto Choy

Dr. Emily Chapman

Moin Tinwala

Camille Yearwood

Dr. Sarah Forgie

Deb Wirtzfeld


Dr. Mark Prins

Dr. Darryl Rolfson

Dr. Wayne Clark

Sub-Committee 1

Dr. Shirley Schipper

Dr. Lawrence Richer

Dr. Dennis Kunimoto

Dr. Derek Emery

Dr. Bill Sevcik

Dr. Andrew Simmonds

Dr. Ann Lee

Charissa Lam

Jesse Lafontaine

Dr. Joanne Rodger

Sub-Committee 2

Dr. Lyn Sonnenberg

Dr. Penny Smyth

Dr. Helly Goez

Wendy Nickolson

Connie Winther

Sherri Honeychurch

Dr. Peggy Sagle

Dustin Newton

Roman Chabba

Dr. Joanne Rodger

Sub-Committee 3

Dr. Vijay Daniels

Dr. Barb Ballerman

Dr. Mia Lang

Dr. Karen Forbes

Dr. Adrian Wagg

Dr. Lawrence Cheung

Dr. Simon Turner

Alexandra Holmes

Keith Lau

Dr. Joanne Rodger

Sub-Committee 4

Dr. Lana Bistritz

Dr. Darryl Rolfson

Dr. Carol Hodgson

Dr. Martin Moran

Dr. Lillian Au

Dr. Rob Warren

Dr. Jaime Yu

Marissa Nakoochee

Dr. Anna Rissanen

Sarah Park

Jana Rieger

Dr. Joanne Rodger

Sub-Committee 5

Dr. Ron Damant

Dr. Daniel Livy

Dr. Laura Stovel

Dr. Hollis Lai

Dr. Frances Plane

Dr. Rob Pauly

Sietske Speerstra

Dr. Al McMahon

Dr. Jon Duff

Dr. Ioana Bratu

Camilla Piatkowski

Sydney Inoff

Dr. Joanne Rodger

Sub-Committee 6

Dr. Mel Lewis

Dr. Brock Debenham

Dr. Cheryl Goldstein

Dr. Rebecca Mitchell

Dr. Manjula Gowrishankar

Dr. Adrienne Wright

Dr. Pam Brett-MacLean

Heather Halperin

Shinia Van

Dr. Joanne Rodger