Medical School Self Study (MSS)

Overview of Steering Committee & Self-Study Process

The Medical School Self-Study (MSS) process brings together representatives of the medical school administration, faculty, student body, and other constituencies to collect and review data about the medical school and its educational program; assess the medical education program’s performance on accreditation standards and elements; identify areas that require improvement; and define strategies to ensure that any problems are addressed effectively.

The MSS report summarizes the finding of the sub-committees and will include analysis of all 12 standards and 96 elements. The MSS also provides the medical school and medical education report with recommendations for quality improvement to address standards and elements that are deemed unsatisfactory or satisfactory with a need for monitoring.

Committee Members

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Sub-committee Structure

The accreditation sub-committees are responsible for analyzing the data for their standards and making recommendations for continuing quality improvement. The sub-committees will submit their reports to the steering committee for inclusion in the final Medical School Self-Study (MSS) report.

The sub-committees are made up of faculty, staff, and students. Each sub-committee is responsible for two accreditation standards.

  • Sub-Committee 1: Standards 1 & 2
  • Sub-Committee 2: Standards 3 & 5
  • Sub-Committee 3: Standards 4 & 9
  • Sub-Committee 4: Standards 6 & 7
  • Sub-Committee 5: Standards 8 & 10
  • Sub-Committee 6: Standards 11 & 12

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