Mock Accreditation

The MD Program recently completed a mock accreditation process in preparation for our accreditation site visit October 2022. The mock accreditation was designed to provide formative feedback to aid in our preparations for the fall. The Accreditation Oversight Committee and the MD Program leadership team has worked through the areas for improvement identified by the mock accreditors, as well as through our internal self study process, to create an action plan that will guide ongoing work.

The mock accreditors highlighted several areas of strength, including Diversity Programs and Partnerships, Information Technology Resources / Staff, Monitoring Patient Encounters and Procedures, and Academic Advising.

They also suggested areas we need to target for improvements, including Feedback to Faculty, Program Level Objectives, and Financial Aid and Debt Management Counseling/Student Educational Debt. I am pleased to share with you two examples of what we are working on:

  • Strategic Planning and Continuous Quality Improvement
    After broad stakeholder engagement the MD Program’s strategic plan is ready to be presented to the MD Curriculum & Program Committee (MDCPC) for approval, with implementation following.
  • Mistreatment
    In response to student Graduation Questionnaire data and internal reports, we are taking a broad approach to mistreatment in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, involving the offices of the Chief Wellness Officer, Professionalism, Faculty Development, the MD Program, and others who support the education mission.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the mock accreditation. It was a valuable opportunity to get this formative feedback and will help in our ongoing accreditation preparations.

The mock accreditation provides faculty, staff, and students with an opportunity to go through a practice site visit with two mock accreditors. The results will help us identify areas of strength and weakness and address those weaknesses prior to submitting our final documentation in July and our site visit in October.

Mock Accreditors

The site visitors for the mock accreditation will be:

  • Dr. Ira Ripstein (University of Manitoba)
  • Dr. Sylvain Coderre (University of Calgary)

Schedule for the Site Visit

The mock accreditation site visit is designed to mimic the schedule of the initial site visit that is taking place in October.

Monday, February 7, 2022

Time (MST) Meeting & Topic
7:30-8:30am Introductory meeting with the Dean
  • Strengths and challenges of the school
  • Reflections on changes since last site visit, including class size expansion, campus development, clinical partnerships, etc.
Possible topics include the following and any issues arising from the MSS, ISA, or DCI:
  • Element 1.1 Strategic Planning and Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Element 1.3 Mechanisms for faculty participation
  • Element 1.4 Affiliation agreements
  • Standard 2 Leadership and Administration
  • Element 4.1 Sufficiency of Faculty
  • Element 5.1 Adequacy of financial resources
  • Element 5.2 Dean’s Authority/resources for curriculum management
  • Element 5.5 Resources for clinical instruction

Standards 6 & 7 (Curriculum)

Possible topics include the following and any issues arising from the MSS, ISA, or DCI:

  • Element 6.0: Overview Data
  • Element 6.1: Program & Learning Objectives
  • Element 6.2: Required patient Encounters and Procedures
  • Element 6.3: Self-Directed & Life-Long Learning
  • Element 6.4: Inpatient/Outpatient Experiences
  • Element 6.4.1: Context of clinical Learning Experiences
  • Element 6.5: Elective Opportunities
  • Element 6.6: Service Learning
  • Element 6.8: Education Program Duration
  • Element 7.1: Biomedical, Behavioral, Social Sciences
  • Element 7.2: Curriculum Across the Life Cycle
  • Element 7.3: Scientific Method/Clinical/Translational Research
  • Element 7.4: Critical Judgement/Problem Solving Skills
  • Element 7.5: Societal Problems
  • Element 7.6: Culture & Health Care Disparities
  • Element 7.7: Medical Ethics
  • Element 7.8: Communication Skills
  • Element: 7.9: Interpersonal Collaborative Skills
  • Element 7.10: Professional and Leadership Development

Standards 8 & 9

Possible topics include the following and any issues arising from the MSS, ISA, or DCI:

  • Element 8.1: Curricular Management
  • Element 8.2: Use of Program and Learning Objectives
  • Element 8.3: Curricular Design, Review, Revision/Content Monitoring
  • Element 8.4: Program Evaluation
  • Element 8.5: Medical Student Feedback
  • Element 8.6: Monitoring of Required Patient Encounters and Procedures
  • Element 8.7: Compatibility of Education/Assessment
  • Element 8.8: Monitoring Time Spent in Educational and Clinical Activities
  • Element 9.1: Preparation of Resident & Non-Faculty Instructors
  • Element 9.2: Faculty Appointments
  • Element 9.3: Clinical Supervision of Medical Students
  • Element 9.4: Assessment System
  • Element 9.5: Narrative Assessment
  • Element 9.6: Setting Standards of Achievement
  • Element 9.7: Timely Formative Assessment and Feedback
  • Element 9.8: Fair and Timely Summative Assessment
  • Element 9.9: Student Advancement and Appeal Process
  • Element 9.10: Student Health & Patient Safety
11:45-12:15 BREAK
12:15 -1:45pm Meeting with Pre-Clerkship Students
1:45-2:00pm BREAK
2:00-3:30pm Meeting with Pre-Clerkship Coordinators
3:30-5:00pm Meeting with Clerkship Students

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Time (MST) Meeting & Topic
8:30-10:00am Meeting with Clerkship Coordinators

Standards 11 & 12

Possible topics include the following and any issues arising from the MSS, ISA, or DCI:

  • Element 11.1: Academic Advising
  • Element 11.2: Career Advising
  • Element 11.3: Oversight of Extramural Electives
  • Element 11.4: Provision of the Medical Student Performance Record
  • Element 11.5: Confidentiality of Student Educational Records
  • Element 11.6: Student Access to Educational Records
  • Element 12.1: Financial Aid/Debt Management Counselling/Student Educational Debt
  • Element 12.2: Tuition Refund Policy
  • Element 12.3: Personal Counseling/Well-being Programs
  • Element 12.4: Student Access to Health Care Services
  • Element 12.5: Providers of Student Health Services/Location of Student Health Records
  • Element 12.6: Student Access to Health & Disability Insurance
  • Element 12.7: Immunization Requirements and Monitoring
  • Element 12.8: Student Exposure to Policies / Procedures



Standards 1 & 3

Possible topics include the following and any issues arising from the MSS, ISA, or DCI:

  • Element 1.1: Strategic Planning & Continuous Quality Improvement
  • Element 1.1.1: Social Accountability
  • Element 3.3: Diversity Programs and Partnerships
  • Element 3.4: Anti-Discrimination Policy
  • Element 3.5: Learning Environment
  • Element 3.6: Student Mistreatment
2:00-2:45pm Standard 5
Possible topics include the following and any issues arising from the MSS, ISA, or DCI:

Element 5.1: Adequacy of Financial Resources
Element 5.2: Dean’s Authority/Resources
Element 5.3: Pressures for Self Financing
Element 5.4: Sufficiency of Buildings and Equipment
Element 5.5: Resources for Clinical Instruction
Element 5.6: Clinical Instructional Facilities/Information Resources
Element 5.7: Security, Student Safety, and Disaster Preparedness
Element 5.8: Library Resources/Staff
Element 5.9: Information Technology Resources/Staff
Element 5.10: Resources Used by Transfer/Visiting Students
Element 5.11: Study/Lounge Space/Call Rooms
Element 5.12: Required Notifications to the CACMS
2:45-3:00pm BREAK
3:00-3:30pm Meeting with Department Chairs (Basic Science)
3:30-4:30pm Meeting with Department Chairs (Clinical)

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Time (MST) Meeting & Topic

Standard 4

Possible topics include the following and any issues arising from the MSS, ISA, or DCI:

  • Element 4.1: Sufficiency of Faculty
  • Element 4.2: Scholarly Productivity
  • Element 4.3: Faculty Appointment Policies
  • Element 4.4: Feedback to Faculty
  • Element 4.5: Faculty Professional Development
  • Element 4.6: Governance & Policy Making Procedure

Standard 10

Possible topics include the following and any issues arising from the MSS, ISA, or DCI:

  • Element 10.1: Premedical Education/Required Coursework
  • Element 10.2: Final Authority of Admissions Committee
  • Element 10.3: Policies Regarding Student Selection/Advancement and their Dissemination
  • Element 10.4: Characteristics of Accepted Applicants
  • Element 10.5: Technical Standards
  • Element 10.6: Content of Informational Materials
  • Element 10.7: Transfer Students
  • Element 10.9: Visiting Students
  • Element 10.11: Student Assignment

Follow Up Meetings if Necessary / Preparation for Report


Exit report to Dean and leadership team