Past Accreditation Cycles

2018 Interim Accreditation

The Interim Accreditation Review is an AFMC-mandated part of the accreditation cycle and supports the continuous quality improvement process that the medical school has adopted.

In March 2018, as part of the University of Alberta’s Interim Accreditation Review, a site visit was conducted by Kathleen Beatty from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Ms. Beatty completed a detailed review of the accreditation documentation and commented on the many strengths that make our program unique. Her recommendations, along with the findings of the Interim Accreditation Committee, provided us with a road map leading up to the 2022 accreditation. The final report from the interim accreditation is available here.

2014 Full Accreditation

The last full accreditation of the MD program at the University of Alberta was in March 2014. The MD program was the last school to be accredited with the ‘old’ 132 CACMS/LCME-based standards.

In 2014, five standards were identified as Strengths and four standards were identified as ‘Compliance with monitoring’. They are listed below with the old and new numbering systems.


  • 2.4 IS-11 (Sufficiency of dean’s administrative staff)
  • 3.2 IS-14 (Community of scholars/research opportunities)
  • 5.4 ER-4 (Sufficiency of buildings and equipment)
  • 5.6 ER-7 (Clinical instructional facilities)
  • 4.5 FA-4 (Faculty professional development)

Compliance with monitoring

  • 3.3 IS-16 (Diversity)
  • 9.4 ED-27 (Assessment - history taking and physical examination)
  • 9.7 ED-30 (Timely return of grades)
  • 9.7 ED-31 (Timely formative assessment)

After status reports were submitted to CACMS in December 2015 and February 2016, the MD program was determined to be fully compliant with all accreditation standards/elements, as of June 2017.