Selection and Admission

In 2015, the Admissions Committee received 1,308 applications, and selected 162 students for admission. Of the 162 positions, five were for Indigenous students and 10 were for rural students. 

Eighty-five per cent of seats are reserved for Albertans and fifteen per cent for non-Albertans. Selection factors used for calculation of the rank score are as follows:


Criteria used for selection for interviews:

Cumulative average of university years 27
Personal Activities 30

Criteria used for selection for offers to the program - the above scores plus the following:

Interview 30
Letters of Reference Pass/Fail

When confirmation of successful completion of  a Master's (by thesis) or PhD program is received in our office, additional points may be allocated to your application:

  • Master's — one point
  • PhD — three points

No points will be awarded for honours degrees.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. All applicants to the MD program must be registered in or have completed a degree program.
  2. The minimum requirement for admission to our program is the successful completion of at least two full years of transferable post-secondary work (60 units of course weight - 10 full-course equivalents). Of this, 30 units of course weight - five full-course equivalents - must be taken during one academic year. An academic year is September 1 to April 30 inclusive. 
  3. Transcripts (GPA)
  4. MCAT results
  5. Personal activities
  6. Interview
  7. Reference letters

Final Decisions:

Applicants interviewed will be notified of admission decision in May. 

Accepted Applicants

Accepted applicants must complete the steps outlined in their conditional offer letter in order to maintain their spot.  Acceptances are provisional and include: 


One of the conditions are final-year academic results must remain at the same level as your past academic performance.    Applicants currently registered in a university or college are required to forward final transcripts as soon as possible after final examinations are completed, no later than June 15th.

Police Information Check

A clear Police Information Check (PIC) which includes the vulnerable sector check is required as a condition of admission and any criminal charges pending must be declared.


Accepted applicants must confirm their intention to register by submitting a non-refundable $1,000.00 tuition deposit within the time specified in the offer of admission. The deposit will be credited toward payment of tuition upon completion of registration (See 13.5.4).  An applicant who accepts a position but later rescinds his/her acceptance will forfeit the entire $1,000.00 deposit.

Failure to submit the tuition deposit within the time specified in the offer of admission may result in the position being assigned to the applicant listed first on the alternate list. The Admissions Committee maintains an alternate list, with applicants listed in rank order; applicants are not notified of their relative rank but may be drawn from this list at any time up to the start of classes.

Admitted Applicants

 Accepted applicants after meeting all conditions of admission will receive a program package containing course registration, immunization requirements, BLS and FIT testing requirements, policies, and acknowledgement forms.


It is mandatory for those who accept our offer of admission to be tested for hepatitis B, TB and varicella, and to provide immunization records to the UME office. This requirement must be met before the first day of orientation, and the results brought to the UME Office no later than September 30th.

Computer requirement

Students must have access to a laptop computer for class use, a printer and access to the internet through Google Chrome.


Reapplications are treated as new applications, and all data and post-secondary transcripts must be resubmitted.