MD Program

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I apply if I am not a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident?

    No. Please refer to our Citizenship and Residency requirements.

  • I have a Withdrawal on my transcripts. How will this affect my application?

    Transcripts are reviewed on a case by case basis, but generally a Withdrawal will only affect your application if it occurs during the current year in which you are applying. For example, if it affects your full-time status or your ability to graduate.

  • Where do I send my transcripts?

    Official transcripts must be sent directly from the issuing institution to the Office of the Registrar.

  • What is the criteria to be considered for a Rural quota spot?

    To be considered for one of our rural positions, you must be considered a resident of Alberta and have lived for 3+ nonconsecutive years between the ages of 12 and 18 in a community within Canada which meets rural criteria based on primary residence postal code.

  • Will I get credit for the difficulty of my program?

    No, we only take into account the grades as they show on your transcript and how they convert to the UofA grading scale.

  • How do you look at repeated courses?

    We do not acknowledge repeated courses; we only use the first instance in which you successfully completed a course.

  • Am I allowed to rewrite the MCAT?

    AAMC will limit the number of times you write the MCAT; at this point we have no preference for how many times you write it.

  • What is the minimum MCAT score required to be eligible to apply?

    The minimum MCAT score to be eligible to apply for Albertan applicants is 124 in all categories (CPBS, CARS, BBFL, PSBB)


    The minimum MCAT score to be eligible to apply for Non-Albertans is 128 in CARS and 124 in CPBS, BBFL, and PSBB

  • What is required to be considered for an Indigenous quota position?

    Applicants who wish to be considered for the Indigenous quota positions, in addition to the regular process, should provide the following supporting documentation to the Indigenous Health Initiatives office by the October 1 deadline:

    1. A personal statement that describes your involvement in or connection to Indigenous communities or organizations, submitted through the Secondary Medicine Application.
    2. If you feel it would strengthen your application, you are welcome to provide us with a reference letter from someone who could also attest to your involvement or connection to Indigenous communities or organizations. This should be submitted directly to the Indigenous Health Initiatives office.
    3. Notarized proof of Indigenous ancestry as outlined in the University of Alberta Calendar, submitted directly to the Indigenous Health Initiatives office.

    Indigenous applicants who are invited for interview are invited to participate in the Indigenous Panel Interview in addition to the MD Program Interview.

    All Indigenous students who are interested in the Doctor of Medicine Program are encouraged to contact the Indigenous Health Initiatives Program.

    Indigenous Health Initiatives Program
    2-115 Edmonton Clinic Health Academy
    University of Alberta
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 1C9
    Tel: 780-492-9526
  • When does the application open?

    For the 2019/2020 application cycle the application is anticipated to open July 2, 2019.

  • Do you accept transfer students?

    Generally, no; however, we will review all submitted requests for transfer on a case by case basis. Please submit a detailed letter as well as any support documentation to

  • What is the deadline date?

    There are several major deadlines, the most important one being October 1. By October 1 at 11:59:59PM MST you must have submitted your undergraduate application, your secondary medicine application, transcripts, and all required supporting documents as per your Bear Tracks To-Do List and Comments. You also must have your MCAT scores released and verified within the Secondary Medicine Application and register for the CASPer test.

  • What is the last MCAT testing date you will accept?

    For the 2019/2020 application cycle the last MCAT testing date we will accept is August 31, 2019. MCAT test scores must be released and verified by the application due date of October 1, 2019 at 11:59:59PM MST.

  • Will my previous coursework completed in a health science program transfer to the MD Program?

    No. All students who gain admittance to our program must complete all four years.

  • Do you accept requests for special consideration?

    We do not have a Special Consideration process for the current application cycle.

  • I have a disability. Can I apply?

    We welcome all qualified applicants who meet the requirements for application. Please be aware that there is a Technical Standards Policy with respect to skills and abilities required to complete the MD Program. Should you gain entrance and require special accommodations we are able to support them as outlined by Student Accessibility Services.

  • What is the MD Admissions Committee's role in the selection process?

    Under the authority of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, reporting to the Dean through Faculty Council, the MD Admissions Committee establishes the admissions policy for the next year of the MD Program and selects the successful candidates for admission into the MD Program.

  • How is cGPA calculated?
    cGPA Calculation for 2019/2020 Application Cycle

    To calculate cGPA, we include all transferable post-secondary coursework to which a grade was assigned while the student was enrolled full-time (by UofA definition) during the academic year (September through April) or full-time during the Spring and Summer terms (May through August).

    For undergraduate students, to be considered full-time you must complete 18 transferable units of course weight (ucw) during the academic year (September through April) or 12 ucw during the Spring and Summer terms (May through August).

    All coursework completed as part of a thesis-based graduate program to which a grade and course weighting was assigned will be included in the calculation of cGPA.

    For applicants presenting 4 or more full-time academic years (September through April) of transferable post-secondary coursework, we may exclude the lowest academic year from calculation, provided that it is not the most recent full-time academic year, nor the only year in which the student earned 30 ucw.

  • Can I apply to the MD Program if I am an International student?

    If you meet the Citizenship and Residency requirement as well as the Academic Requirements you are welcome to apply.

  • May I book an appointment to meet with an advisor?

    We no longer take appointments. You may call, email, or drop by the office during business hours to have your questions answered. We meet with students on a first come, first served basis; should we be busy when you drop in you will be required to wait or return at a later time.

    Note: For unsuccessful applicants, we do not provide any additional feedback on your application beyond the information available in your feedback letter. Personal activities are evaluated by three separate committee members and as such requests for re-evaluation will not be considered. Admission decisions are final. There is no formal appeal to any other body or person within a Faculty or the University. We therefore cannot discuss your application directly; you may ask any questions you have and we can answer generally.

  • I will be taking CASPer on a different date in Fall 2019. Do I have to write it again?

    Applicants who will be taking the CASPer on a different testing date than those mentioned on our website will not need to retake the test. The testing dates noted are specifically for students who will not have written it for any other institution. Please note that CASPer tests are only valid for one year and must be completed each year you apply. You may only write the CASPer once per year.

  • I have been offered admission. Can I request a deferral?

    All requests for deferral are reviewed on a case by case basis. Once you have received your offer of admission please submit a detailed letter of request along with your offer documents to In the case where a "deferral" has been granted these are treated as a voluntary withdrawal from the MD Program for a period of one year only. You would not be required to submit a photo as an up-to-date photo will be requested upon your return. In the Spring of the following year you would be contacted to complete a paper application, which would include an application fee, as a declaration that you intend to begin the program.

  • What are each of the selection criteria weighted?

    We do not disclose this information.

  • Will you accept electronic transcripts from my institution?
    In most cases electronic transcripts are acceptable. Please have your institution send them to
  • How long is my MCAT score good for?

    MCAT scores are valid for fives years.

  • Can I submit a WES evaluation for an international transcript?

    We do not accept WES evaluations. Please have an official transcript sent from your institution directly to our Office of the Registrar.

  • How does age or educational background factor into my application?

    Age and educational background have no bearing on your application. We welcome all applicants who meet our minimum requirements for application.

  • What is the preferred degree program for entrance into the MD Program?

    We do not have a preferred degree program; you should choose a degree program which interests you.

  • What are the pre-requisite courses for applying to the MD Program?

    We do not have any pre-requisite courses for application to the MD Program. You should be taking courses which meet the requirements for your degree program and interest you. You may wish to take some coursework to help prepare yourself for the MCAT. Please refer to the AAMC website for MCAT topics.

  • I have a criminal record. Am I able to apply to the MD Program?

    All students admitted to the MD Program are required to produce a negative Police Information Check (PIC) with Vulnerable Sector Check. If you are not able to do so you will not be able to complete the requirements for admission to the MD Program.

  • How is residency determined?
    Please refer to the University of Alberta Calendar for the residency definition. If you feel that this definition reflects your current and expected residence, you may claim Alberta residency on your application. We reserve the right to correct your residency claim should we feel that the information in your application does not support your claim and would refer the applicant to the Code of Applicant Behaviour. Any inquiries related to residency will be directed to the above statement.