MD Program

Selection and Admission


The MD Program has 162 positions available for exceptional qualified applicants. Applicants who meet the academic requirements for application will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. MCAT
  2. Transcripts and cGPA
  3. Personal Activities
  4. Additional Testing
  5. Reference Letters
  6. Interview

An application can be flagged at any of the six points of review, which could exclude it from continuing in the review process. Conduct by individuals seeking admission to the University of Alberta that compromises the integrity and fairness of assessment for admission threatens the proper functioning of the University. Procedures outlined in the Code of Applicant Behaviour should be reviewed and adhered to.

Offers of Admission

Notification of admission decisions are sent to UAlberta email accounts by May 15.

Applicants who are offered admission must submit the following by the deadline indicated in their offer letter:

  1. Completed Confirmation of Admission Form
  2. Non-refundable $1,000 deposit, which is credited toward tuition upon completion of registration
  3. Clear Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector Check, dated May 1 or later the year they seek admission
  4. Hard copy of passport photo +/- digital copy of passport photo
  5. Final transcripts

Further information on these requirements as well as the required immunizations (ie. hepatitis B, TB, varicella, etc.) are provided with the offer documents.

Applicants who accept their offer of admission will receive a program package which details their course registration, BLS and FIT testing requirements, policies, and acknowledgement forms.

It should be noted that students must have access to a computer which is available for use during class.

Unsuccessful Applicants

Applicants who choose to reapply are treated as new applicants. As such, all applications must be completed again and all post-secondary transcripts must be resubmitted. Exceptions may be made for transcripts already submitted from institutions the applicant no longer attends. Applicants must review their Bear Tracks To-Do List and contact the Office of the Registrar to confirm what supporting documents are required.