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Students attending medical schools outside of Canada

Due to changes in policies and lack of availability of training positions at the University of Alberta, the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry is only able to accept visiting undergraduate medical students who are studying at an LCME (Liason Committee on Medical Education) accredited medical school in the United States, or where a bilateral exchange has been established. International medical students who do not meet this criteria will not be accepted. Furthermore, we do not offer rotations, bench research, observational, or pre-clinical electives to international visiting students. 

For more information on which schools are part of LCME or the bilateral exchange, please visit the AFMC Student Portal and check the "Student Type" under the University of Alberta Institution Profile. 


Students attending medical schools in Canada - We are only accepting elective application requests through the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC) Student Portal.   

Welcome to the University of Alberta's Visiting Students Electives program! We offer more than 100 elective opportunities to students enrolled in Canadian medical schools. These electives are in a variety of areas, including basic science, research, clinical specialties and medically related sciences.

Please note that only clinical electives are arranged through the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education - no bench research, observational electives or pre-clinical electives are offered.

For further information and to submit a request for an elective go to the AFMC Student Portal.  

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