Mini Docs Camp FAQ

  1. Who can come to the Mini Docs Camp?

    Any 6 to 11 year old child who has volunteered for a pediatric physical exam session with the second year medical students during the academic year receives a pass to the camp.

  2. Why do you have to volunteer for and participate in a history and physical exam session to be able to attend the Mini Docs Camp?

    Having real people to interview and examine provides the medical students with an exceptional opportunity to improve their clinical skills. It is very challenging to find parents and school age children to volunteer for physical exam sessions. We recognize your time is valuable and would like to give something back to those children and parents who come in for the sessions. Therefore, providing a fun educational opportunity to the volunteers is our way of saying thanks!

  3. What will the content of the camp cover?

    Children will rotate through stations focusing on different body systems such as sensory, heart, lungs, muscles and bones, vital signs, digestive system, immune system and finally a triage station where the children will diagnose and treat a mock patient. There will be some lecture, discussion and plenty of hands on at each station with simulators, plastic models and real people.

  4. How long will the camp be and when will it be?

    The camp will be approximately 6 hours long with 2 refreshment breaks and a lunch. It will be held on May 6, 2017 starting 08:45 am and running until 2:45 pm, in the Zeidler Ledcor Centre adjacent the 112th street University of Alberta Hospital entrance. Directions will be provided. Parking is located just outside the building at the meters, or the parking lot C (pay machine located in lot). 

  5. Will you provide snacks or lunch for my child?

    We attempt to consider multiple dietary considerations and allergy concerns by providing a morning snack of fruit, yogurt, granola bars, crackers, cheese and juice with a few gluten free items. If your child cannot eat these items please pack them a snack. Lunch is not provided - everyone must bring a lunch. Please do not pack any snacks containing nuts.

  6. Can I bring my other children to the camp?

    No, due to space considerations, only children with a pass to the camp can attend.

  7. If I have more than one 6-11 year old, can they all volunteer for the same physical exam session and all get a pass to the camp?

    No. We can provide only one pass per volunteer per session. If your other children would also like to volunteer, you can book separate sessions for them to attend and they will receive a pass then.

  8. Can I stay with my child?

    The camp is designed as a drop-off camp with constant adult supervision in a contained area with bathroom facilities. Should your child require that you stay during the camp, you are welcome to stay. 

  9. Are passes to the camp transferable to 6-10 year old siblings?

    Yes. Other school age siblings can attend should the volunteer child not be able to do so. The passes are not transferable to non-siblings. In the event of a change, we must be notified the day before as this will affect the groups the children are placed in.

  10. Who runs the Mini Docs Camp?

    The camp is offered by the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education within the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta. It is coordinated by the Educational Resources Coordinator and Medical Student Coordinators. All stations are taught by the first and second year medical students.

  11. Is there a second date for the Mini Docs Camp?

    No. Due to the schedules of the medical students facilitating the camp, we are only able to offer the camp on one date.

For more information contact the coordinator at 780-492-9529 or via email at