MD Program

Year 1 Electives


Each student must complete a minimum of 12 hours of electives during Year 1. It is the responsibility of each medical student to select and arrange his or her own elective(s). Electives may be completed in more than one discipline. An evaluation of the student is also required.

The student may complete the elective in several different ways.  These are some examples of how to complete the elective hours:

  • All 12 hours with one preceptor over a period of time or all in one day.
  • Two different six-hour electives with two different preceptors. (can be different disciplines)
  • Three four-hour sessions with different preceptors. (can be different disciplines)

The application form must be submitted to the UME Office within three weeks of the completion of the elective.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ELECTIVES ARE NOT TO BE COMPLETED DURING ANY SCHEDULED CLASS TIME IN ANY COURSE. Any absences from class time will not be counted towards your elective.

Contact Information

Administrator Electives:

Tel:  780-492-6350


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