MD Program

Curriculum Information



DMED 511 Foundations of Medicine and Dentistry

An introduction to the basic health science with a review of some aspects of the essential biochemistry, physiology, anatomy and pharmacology. Particular emphasis on basic medical genetics.


Course weight:  9

Length: 12 weeks

Course Coordinator:Dr Sherry Taylor

DMED 513 Endocrine System


An examination of the endocrine system in health and disease, with particular reference to the mechanisms of disturbances in the endocrine system, and the management of these conditions

Course weight: 6*

Length: 6 weeks

Course Coordinator: Dr Tammy McNab

DMED 514 Cardiovascular, Pulmonary and Renal Systems


The normal function of the heart and blood vessels, lungs and kidney, the changes in these functions which occur in disease and the management of the conditions which result from such changes in function

Course weight: 11*

Length: 14 weeks

Course Coordinator: Dr Alan McMahon

Section Coordinators:

MED 516 Physicianship I

This course will encompass all aspects of the development of a physician including but not limited to professionalism, evidence based medicine, ethics, health equity, patient safety, patient immersion experiences, early clinical experiences, communication skills and physical examination, public health, health systems

Course weight: 6*

Length: 35 weeks

Course Coordinator: Dr Amy Tan

MED 517 First Year Elective

Elective time to be developed by the students

in consultation with a Faculty supervisor.

Course weight: 1*

Length: 12 hours

Coordinator: Dr Joan Robinson

INT D 410 Interprofessional Health Team Development

A process learning course intended to provide knowledge, skills and experience in building interprofessional (IP) health care teams comprised of students in various professional programs. Through participation on an interprofessional team of up to 8 students.

Course weight: 3*

Length:  32.5

Coordinator: Dr JoAnne Davies