MD Program

Important Things to Know

Year 2


  • ​Seminar introduction to Clinical Education/Electives/Career Development
  • Selection of Year 3 schedule


  • ​Year 3 schedule finalized
  • Registration opens for MED 528 Optional Summer Electives


  • ​Registration closes for MED 528 Optional Summer Electives
  • Spring/summer tuition due
  • Year 3 course registration information is distributed


  • ​Registration deadline for Year 3

Year 3


  • Y​ear 3 clinical education begins with Link Course
  • Pagers distributed


  • ​Year 4 sc​hedule selection


  • ​Stipend packages are distributed


  • ​Deadline for stipend information


  • ​Career Development Seminar - representative from CaRMS speaks with students


  • ​Year 4 course registration information is distributed


  • ​Registration deadline for Year 4


Fit -Testing for N95 Respirators

Our medical students are required to be fit-tested for N95 respirators before they enter the wards in Year 3, due to issues related to SARS and other communicable disease outbreaks.

Alberta Health Services and Chinook Health implemented this policy for every student doing a clinical placement in a designated patient-care area where there is potential exposure to SARS or other airborne communicable diseases.

These appointments will be set up by the Undergraduate Medical Education Office and the Health Sciences Council before the end of second year, and are mandatory.



Pagers will only be given to students starting their third year and will be distributed during LINK course. The student will continue to use the same pager until graduation. The rent on these pagers is paid by the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.

A $50.00 replacement fee shall be paid by the student to the UME office, in case the pager is lost or stolen. Students will be given the same style pager whenever possible, or if this is not possible, a pager of similar style will be given. The new pager will be programmed with the pager number that had been originally assigned to the student.

Return of Pagers
Pagers will be collected at the end of year 4, during the Review course.

In order to receive a replacement pager, a copy of the cashier's receipt for payment of the lost pager or damaged pager must be returned to the designated site as listed below. A new pager will be issued at this time from the same location.





Admitting Department 
Room 1H1.18

Monday - Friday
0630H - 2000H 
0700H - 1515H

Facilities Management
Room B501 
Basement level of the Children's Centre

Monday - Friday 
0800H - 16:15H

Switchboard Room - 1N113

24 hours/day

Emergency/ Admitting office

24 hours/day

For any problems/questions you may have with your pager, please contact:

UME office at (780) 492-6350 *

CitiPage at (780) 423-2020

* UME office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 12 pm and from 1pm to 4:00 pm



The remuneration paid to student interns is limited to the final 12 months of the program and subject to the allocation of funds by the Government of Alberta. This remuneration is subject to satisfactory performance and conduct by the student intern.

Payment is arranged through the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education (UME). This payment can only be direct deposited into the student intern's bank account. The UME Office will contact students when this information is to be completed, usually in the spring of third year.


netCARE Electronic Health Records

Alberta Health Services has unveiled netCARE, Canada's first major regional electronic health record. netCARE is a powerful new tool making health care better, faster and safer.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, netCARE stores health information electronically, removing the need to transfer paper records between sites. Wherever treatment is received within the Alberta Health Services region, authorized health-care staff will have immediate real-time access to records.

netCARE stores personal registration information, and details about tests, medications and allergies, so caregivers can quickly access more complete, up-to-date information to make the right health-care decisions.

netCARE will not replace paper records stored at Alberta Health Services facilities where a patient was treated. It contains a subset of key medical information vital to one's care, such as a surgeon's report or results from an operation or lab test. netCARE also links to the provincial Pharmaceutical Information Network (PIN), giving health-care staff up-to-date information on medication and allergy history.

For more information on netCARE, call Alberta Health Services Link at 780-408-LINK (780-408-5465).

If you have any questions regarding the computer systems, please contact the help desk at 780-735-HELP (4357).


Address Changes

It is very important for the UME Office to have a student's current address/phone numbers. Students are responsible for making changes to these on Bear Tracks, as well as emailing the UME Office to change the information on MedSIS.

Also, please note that all email correspondence from the university, the UME Office and rotation administrators will be sent to a student's university email account. Students should check their email often, as this is the preferred form of communication.