MD Program

Curriculum Information


MED 531 Physicianship III /Transitions

This course serves as a bridge of learning opportunities of the first two years to the last two years of medical school. It will include: performance of clinical skills within a simulated clinical environment, approach to radiological problems, quality improvement, and social media in medicine, clinical reasoning, and awareness of well-being. This course will build upon the knowledge derived from the Physicianship I and II courses to demonstrate commitment, honesty, integrity, professionalism and compassion in their clinical work. It will be delivered throughout the third year.

Course Weight: *3
Length: 4 weeks
Coordinator: TBA

MED 543 Integrated Community Clerkship

*Please note, you must apply for admission to this alternative Year 3 stream.

A patient-centered, community clerkship based in select rural and regional Alberta communities. This course uses Family Medicine as the core of the clerkship experience to provide students with experience in continuity of care, in handling undifferentiated problems, in coordinating care for those with chronic disease, and in other key areas of family medicine and generalist specialties. 32 to 36 weeks will be spent in the rural community. The remainder of the second term will be a mix of electives and selectives.

Course weight:  *42

Length: 42 weeks
Coordinator:  Dr. Darren Nichols

MED 546 Medicine

Student internship in  Internal Medicine

Course Weight:  *8
Length:  8 weeks
Coordinator:  Dr. Steven Caldwell

MED 547 Clinical Electives

Student internship in electives for students registered in the MD program.

Course Weight:  *4
Length:  4 weeks
Coordinator:  Dr. Joan Robinson

OB GY 546 Obstetrics & Gynecology

Student internship in obstetrics and gynecology for students registered in the MD program.

Course Weight:  *6
Length:  6 weeks
Coordinator:  Dr. Venu Jain

PAED 546 Pediatrics

Student internship in pediatrics for students registered in the MD program

Course Weight:  *8
Length:  8 weeks
Coordinator:  Dr. Karen Forbes

PSYCI 546 Psychiatry

Student internship in psychiatry for students registered in the MD program

Course Weight:  *6
Length:  6 weeks

Coordinator:  Dr. Alberto Choy

F MED 546 Family Medicine

Student internship in Family Medicine for students registered in the MD program.

Course Weight:  *8
Length:  8 weeks

Urban: Dr Ann Lee

Rural: Dr Jill Konkin & Dr David Moores

SURG 546 General Surgery

Student internship for students registered in the MD program

Course Weight: *6
Length: 6 weeks
Coordinator: Dr Ken Stewart


How students are evaluated while on clinical rotations:

All clinical rotation evaluations are sent by email directly to preceptors.

MedSIS allows students to view their evaluations online at their convenience. If there are spelling errors in an evaluation, students may contact the UME Office to have the errors corrected.