Faculty Academic Standing & Promotion Committee


Under the authority of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (FoMD), faculty council has delegated to the Faculty Academic Standings and Promotions Committees (FASPC), the responsibility for applying Academic Standing regulations in the review of undergraduate student academic performance in all undergraduate programs within the faculty.

In the FoMD, an undergraduate student's Academic Standing is assessed at the end of the academic year by two committees: the program-level Academic Standing Committees (years 1-4), and in certain circumstances by the Faculty Academic Standings and Promotions Committee (FASPC).

The MD Program ASC determines Academic Standing for each student at the end of each academic year, set out in the University of Alberta calendar. The ASC determines lists of students in various academic standing categories and makes recommendations on which student should be reviewed at the FASPC according to the program ASC terms of reference and the terms of reference for the FASPC.


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