MD Curriculum & Program Committee

The MDCPC is responsible for the overall operations and administration of the MD Program.

The MDCPC oversees the facilitation, coordination, and delegation of its various tasks and roles with various committees, groups and stakeholders to ensure the planning, implementation, support and services of the MD Program function as intended.

The purpose of the MD Curriculum and Program Committee (MDCPC) is to ensure the coordination of all academic elements of, sufficient supports for, and the overall direction of the MD Program within the context of the mission and vision of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. These elements include but are not limited to: central oversight of the MD program's curriculum; program and teaching evaluations (as informed by the MD Program Evaluation Committee); student assessment (as informed by the MD Program Assessment Committee); student professionalism curriculum and assessment (as informed by the Professionalism Committee); admission of medical students (as informed by the MD Admissions Committee); medical student services (UME office in collaboration with various Faculty units); faculty member contribution to the MD program (in partnership with Department chairs); and ongoing continuous quality improvement of the MD program. These tasks are supported and achieved by the MDCPC establishing continuous quality improvement processes and measurable outcomes to improve programmatic quality and development of exceptional educational resources that will meet or exceed accreditation standards as set forth by the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS).


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