Elective Years 1 & 2: Emergency Medical Services Ride Along

Department: Emergency Medicine
Title: Alberta Health Services - Emergency Medical Services Ride-Along with a Paramedic
Location: Various Stations and ambulances across Edmonton Metro Zone

12 hours


Please email EDM.EMSRidealong@ahs.ca and request the documents to sign up for a Ridealong.  Please note as a Medical Student you are exempt from the Criminal Record Check.  Please try and give at least 1-2 weeks' notice when submitting dates.
If you have any questions/inquiries, email EDM.MEDRidealong@alabertahealthservices.ca or Cassandra Chisholm cchisho1@ualberta.ca; Newsha Mahinpey newsha@ualberta.ca or Carolin Aizouki caizouki@ualberta.ca C2026


*NOTE, this opportunity is only available to UofA MD Students*
AHS EMS will be in touch with students regarding their shift time/location once scheduled.  Night shifts generally run 0600-1800hrs, however specific shift times vary with the majority of them being 12 hours.  Those paramedics in AHS EMS who would like to participate have been emailed and have expressed interest in mentoring a medical student.  Students will be expected to participate in the full 12-hour shift, as paramedics cannot accommodate individual requests to start late or finish early.

  • To gain an appreciation and understanding for the complexities and difficulties of providing emergency medical care in the pre-hospital setting
  • To build relationships and networking opportunities between medical students and our colleagues in AHS EMS
  • To learn from and gain clinical experience in a high stress environment
Additional Notes:


Last Updated: July 27, 2023