Elective Years 1 & 2: Emergency Medical Services Ride Along

Department: Emergency Medicine
Title: Alberta Health Services - Emergency Medical Services Ride-Along
Location: Various Stations and ambulances across Edmonton Metro Zone

12 hours


To request this elective, email EDM.EMSRidealong@albertahealthservices.ca

MD 2025 Vincent Man vman@ualberta.ca 

Please contact Vincent Man regarding any questions/inquiries.

Michelle Shell, Operations Supervisor, Edmonton Zone EMS, Alberta Health Services


*NOTE, this opportunity is only available to UofA MD Students*
Students can register for the program by submitting a signed waiver and a copy of their AHS ID to the google drive, after signing up for a shift on the calendar. The link to the drive will be provided to any interested students by the EM Club/AHS EMS. AHS EMS will be in touch with students regarding their shift time/location the week before the shadowing opportunity. Night shifts generally run 0600-1800hrs, however specific shift times vary. Those paramedics in AHS EMS who would like to participate have been emailed and have expressed interest in mentoring a medical student. Students will be expected to participate in the full 12-hour shift, as paramedics cannot accommodate individual requests to start late or finish early.

  • To gain an appreciation and understanding for the complexities and difficulties of providing emergency medical care in the pre-hospital setting
  • To build relationships and networking opportunities between medical students and our colleagues in AHS EMS
  • To learn from and gain clinical experience in a high stress environment
  • Practice focused history taking and physical exam skills as appropriate
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Last Updated: August 17, 2022