Elective Years 1 and 2: Medical Ethics: An Introduction

Department: Ethics
Title: Medical Ethics: An Introduction
Location: University of Alberta

12 hours


Dr Katherine Duthie katherine.duthie@albertahealthservices.ca


This elective provides an opportunity to work in the Clinical Ethics Service of the UAH, Stollery, and MAHI sites.  The experience will include clinical ethics consultation and medical ethics training.  No previous experience is required. However, if students have particular interests in medical ethics, i.e. MAID, Philosophy of Medicine, Death and Dying, Disability Ethics, etc. these areas can be pursued exclusively to further expertise or advance an academic project.  Students should also feel free to propose any project relevant to medical ethics with a clear outline and goals. This elective will provide support and time to any project with a goal of increasing capacity in The Philosophy of Medicine or Medical Ethics.   

  1. to introduce medical students to more specific reflection on some of the ethical issues that they will confront in the practice of medicine
  2. to introduce medical students to some of the ethics resources (ethicists and centres) available in Edmonton/Alberta
  3. to introduce medical students to dialogue with doctors, other health professionals and ethicists on ethical issues
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Last Updated: December 12, 2022