Elective Years 1 & 2: Global Health Education and Advocacy

Department: Medical Students' Association and the Global Health Program
Title: Global Health Education and Advocacy
Location: Varies

12 hours


msvapcommunity@ualberta.ca; lo.globalhealth@gmail.com and ghfomd@ualberta.ca

Preceptor: Dr Katherine Smith  kesmith@ualberta.ca

Dr Dominic Allain


The overarching goal of this elective is to create a basis for future global health experiences. Students will develop an understanding of the concepts of global health and ethical engagement. With this knowledge, students will practice health promotion in a way that empowers communities.


Medical students will:

  1. Develop an understanding of disease burden, health determinants, and priority interventions in resource limited settings in the Global South and Global North.
  2. Appreciate the role of a health advocate and the different levels of advocacy in health care.
  3. Develop critical knowledge of the concepts of global health and ethical engagement in the context of health promotion, equity and sustainable development goals in a way that empowers communities.
  4. Identify and access the unique social determinants of health pertaining to vulnerable populations (for example, refugees and immigrants).
  5. Acquire an awareness of cultural sensitivity through engagement within the community and articulate how this knowledge will inform patient care.
  6. Liase and network with medical and global health professionals from a variety of backgrounds and fields to encompass the broad, diverse nature of global health work.
Additional Notes:

**This elective must be completed in its entirety for students to be eligible to attend any international electives.  Also ensure that you contact Patricia Grell from Global Health ghfomd@ualberta.ca Patricia will contact Risk Management regarding applicable insurance/liability coverage.

Students are welcome to complete the elective even if they do not desire to participate in international electives.

Additionally, hours may be used towards completing the 12 hour Community Engagement – Mix and Match elective.


Last Updated: November 1, 2023