Elective Years 1 and 2: HIV

Department: Medicine
Title: HIV
Duration: 12 hours
Contact: Gina Catena at gcatena@ualberta.ca
Aida Raissi at araissi@ualberta.ca

The preclinical 12-hour HIV elective is a structured opportunity for students interested in HIV/AIDS to learn more about this important illness. The elective is comprised of four components:

  1. Lecture based presentation of key topics
  2. Partnering with HIV Edmonton and Streetworks
  3. Article review and discussion
  4. Shadowing in the multi-disciplinary University of Alberta HIV clinic

After attending the preclinical 12-hour HIV elective, participants will be able to:

  • Acknowledge the burden of disease of HIV/AIDS in an Albertan and Canadian context, including demographics, epidemiology, and treatment.
  • Compare and contrast HIV care in Canada and globally.
  • Appreciate new developments in the field, including in prevention, treatment, and global health initiatives and funding.
  • Identify services provided for HIV patients by community organizations in Edmonton.
  • Understand the use of a multidisciplinary model and principles in providing HIV care.
  • Appreciate the personal impact of living with HIV/AIDS.
Additional Notes:

The pre-clinical HIV Elective will consist of 3 sessions:

  1. Session 1 at HIV Edmonton (6 hours)
    • Presentation on risk factors for HIV transmission
    • Ethical and legal discussion
    • Presentation from HIV Edmonton on services and supports provided for clients
  2. Session 2 at University of Alberta (3 hours)
    • Journal Club - Article review and group discussion
    • Presentation from Streetworks
  3. Shadowing at the Northern Alberta HIV Program (3 hours - sign up sheet will be provided in January)
    • Experience the multi-disciplinary care provided to patients with HIV
Last Updated Nov. 8, 2013