Elective Years 1 and 2: Inner City Health

Department: Medical Student's Association
Title: Inner City Health
Location: Varies

12 hours




Preceptor: Dr Katherine Smith  kesmith@ualberta.ca

Dr Kathryn Dong; Dr Katherine Smith

Overview: This elective provides students with the opportunity to learn about unique health care challenges faced by inner city populations.  Students will have the opportunity to learn about community services available to the inner city, the principles of hard reduction and participate in Homeless Count (occurs every other year).
  • To identify the unique social determinants of health related to inner city populations
  • To describe and be informed on health care and community services available to inner city populations
  • To be informed on health care challenges that disproportionately affect inner city populations (ie. addictions, mental health, homelessness)
  • To understand the principles of harm reduction and its applicability to inner city health
  • To understand the intersections between inner city health, refugee/migrant health, Indigenous health, and sexual and reproductive health
Additional Notes:

This elective is open to all first and second year medical students.


Last Updated: September 13, 2022