Elective Years 1 and 2: PHPM Academic Half Day

Department: Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Title: PHPM Academic Half Day
Location: Virtual via Zoom (until further notice)

Half Day


Medical Education Program Coordinator,  mepphpm@ualberta.ca


This half-day elective offers students the opportunity to meet with PHPM residents in the U of A program and be exposed to PHPM presentations and topics covered during the Academic Half Day.  This is a good elective for a brief introduction to PHPM and the PHPM specialty.  Academic Half Days occur every Friday afternoon at 1-4:30 pm.


Completing this elective should:

  • Define the role of public health physicians in Canada
  • Describe main areas of public health practice
  • Practice problem solving skills related to presented public health issues
Additional Notes:


Open to Year 1 and 2 undergraduate medical students from the University of Alberta of other Canadian Institutions.

Last Updated: January 4, 2022