Elective Years 1 and 2: Sexual and Reproductive Health

Department: Medical Student's Association
Title: Sexual and Reproductive Health
Location: University of Alberta

12 hours




Preceptor: Dr Katherine Smith  kesmith@ualberta.ca

Dr May Sanaee; Dr Sanja Kostov

Overview: This elective provides students with the opportunity to further understand services available to populations that face sexual and reproductive health challenges.  Students will be informed on health care services to the following populations:  HIV patients, transgender patients, victims of sexual abuse and victims of human trafficking.  There will also be a shadowing component as part of this elective.
  • To describe health care services available to HIV patients
  • To describe health care services available to transgender patients
  • To be informed on services available to victims of sexual abuse
  • To be informed on the definition of human trafficking and what services are available to victims
  • To be exposed to working with HIV and/or transgender patients through shadowing opportunities
Additional Notes:

This elective is open to all first and second year medical students.


Last Updated: September 20, 2022