Integrated Community Clerkship


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The Rural Integrated Community Clerkship (Rural ICC) is a core clerkship option for third-year medical students. Students will be placed in an Alberta rural community for approximately 42 weeks. Rural ICC uses regional family medicine practices as the core experience. Students are provided with continuous patient care, preceptor supervision and learning experiences.


Students must apply to participate in this alternative academic stream. Application forms will be distributed to the entire class during their second year of study. Interviews will be conducted after applications have been received. Successful applicants will be personally notified by the ORRH.

The Office of Rural and Region Health believes that the continuity of care found in the ICC program gives students several professional advantages. These include:

  • The establishment of meaningful therapeutic relationships
  • Experience handling undifferentiated problems
  • Co-ordinating the care of individuals with chronic diseases
  • Integrated assessment and management of the key illnesses seen in core disciplines of medicine

The Rural ICC was developed in collaboration with the University of Alberta and was implemented in September 2007. The program is part of a worldwide movement of longitudinal integrated clerkships and has been implemented at six other Canadian medical schools. Similar programs have also been applied across the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. In March 2008, Rural ICC began operating at the University of Calgary.

If you have questions regarding the program, please contact the ICC program co-ordinator at 780-248-1103 or

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry would like to acknowledge the support of the Health Workforce Action Plan for funding this program.