MD with Special Training in Research

Final Oral Report

The final oral presentation to the MD Research Committee will be scheduled in October or November of the year that the 24 weeks of eligible research is completed. The subject of the oral presentation must be the same research described in the program application proposal and the written report. The Committee will review the written report before the oral presentation. Supervisors will be invited, and are strongly encouraged, to attend their student’s presentation.

Note: This presentation may be delayed only under highly extenuating circumstances and the advance consent of the chair of the MD Research Committee.

The oral report should be 10 minutes longs and should provide an overview of the research and its importance. Students should be prepared to answer questions on any aspect of the work they described, its limitations, pitfalls and importance, and demonstrate a good practical understanding of the scientific process. The oral defense will be evaluated by members of the MD Research Committee. The final report, oral presentation and oral defense are the equivalent to the defense of an honours thesis; therefore, there are no re-examinations.

Final decisions on completion of the program will be made by the MD Research Committee after all program requirements have been met and after all STIR presentations are completed. STIR students and their supervisors will be notified of the outcome by mid-December. Any appeals should be directed to the associate dean, research.