MD with Special Training in Research


Students who are looking for a supervisor for their research projects can follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Look for a project in an area in which you have some interest. To obtain an Alberta Innovates-Health Solutions (AI-HS) summer studentship, the research should relate in some apparent way to human health. All researchers are listed on their respective department websites.
  2. Look for researchers who have faculty appointments and active research labs (i.e. average two or more publications per year for the past few years). To find out about a potential supervisor's research productivity, search by author at the PubMed site of the National Academy of Medicine (USA) or ask the researcher for a copy of his/her curriculum vitae.
  3. Make an appointment to see several researchers and their labs to discuss the possibility of a summer project. Once a supervisor has offered to submit an application for a summer studentship on your behalf and you have agreed, you have an obligation to stay with your decision. Don't forget to ask the researcher if he/she can afford to support you from research funds if you are not successful in getting an AI - HS or another summer studentship. Some researchers have more research funding than others; some researchers have more financial flexibility than others.
  4. Remember that, initially, at least, you will "cost" your supervisor time and money from hard-to-get research grants. The supervisor would not take you on if they didn't enjoy training students, but there is a clear expectation that you will give at least as much to the research as you received, so that the supervisor ends up equal or ahead in research productivity at the end of the summer.

Past Supervisors